Thanks, Europe Tour, Help Us Gig and Links....

There are a few more Workspace and Environment articles to post before I'll be leaving for Eurolands but I'll get to those details in a second. I'd like to take this space to say thanks for all the e-mails of support and to all the anonymous readers alike. We haven't gained a penny since we started this blog and while we really have no clue how to capitalize on something like this, we'll most likely continue the blog for quite some time for the sheer pleasure. And according to our hits, it's a great place to promote friends and their artistry be it audio, physical or whatever garbage they produce. So I only hope we expose you to new music, products and thoughts.

With the thanks and sentimental crap out of the way. I will be on tour in Europe, destroying cities with my great friends Eustachian. A big chunk of the shows will have The Teknoist headlining with us and I'm sure we'll have fun melting faces around his hood. I'm hyped to be a part of great lineups to play again with Captain Ahab in Madrid! I'm expecting to see a lot of familiar faces as the hardcore/grind/loudfastwhatever community is intensely small and personable. However I hope to meet new people! So if you're on the list of cities, come out and say hi! If you mention you're a reader of the blog, I'll hand you out a nifty Surachai satanic sticker and a You Are Beautiful sticker to patch up the evilness. While I'm not on the road, I'll be using Paris as a home base, so if any of you want to buy me cheese, drop a line! The schedule changes from day to day and we're still looking for gigs on our off time. If you know someone or are someone who can find us a gig, please drop an e-mail to the address to the right (trash@thedeepelement.com). While my makeshift Surachai site is the best source for updates on the gigs, here is the path of destruction as it stands:

March 22 2008 - Liege, Belgium - Peace and Corn w/ Eustachian, Teknoist
March 27 2008 - Madrid, Spain - w/Massive Lineup!
April 4 2008 - Zaragoza, Spain - Day of the Droids 11 w/Electric Kettle
April 5 2008 - Erfurt, Germany - Hellsbreakz w/Eustachian, Teknoist
April 30 2008 - Ghent, Belgium - w/Eustachian
May 1 2008 - Bristol, United Kingdom - Drum Disciples w/Eustachian, Teknoist
May 2 2008 - Barcelona, Spain - Day of the Droids w/Massive Lineup
May 3 2008 - Paris, France - TBA - w/Eustachian, Sgure, Autopsy Protocol
May 9 2008 - Leuven, Belgium - TBA w/Eustachian
May 10 2008 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Kunstvlaai Festival w/Eustachian

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