NAMM Infiltration + Dieter Doepfer Videos

Some things are better never than late. This one is a general overview of our NAMM invasion.

This video is of Dieter Doepfer explaining some new and old modules. Some nice little tips and his favorites are mentioned.

Thanks go out to: Shawn Cleary of AnalogHaven, Mike Brown of Livewire, Richard Devine, Scott Jaeger of Harvestman, Dieter Doepfer, James at felixinferious.blogspot.com, the guys from Elektron that came to party, and your mom. A few pictures from our time in California can be found on this previous post: Selected Stills


felix said...

Hahaha! Best. Namm. Video. Ever.

I'm walking around the show with you guys next year...wether you like it or not!

surachai said...

Hell yes!!
We'll pillage that place for all it's worth!

jooboy said...

Needs more surchai screaming into microphones

Analog Suicide said...

this fucking rocks. You boldly went where others did not.