Live in LA : NAMM Afterpartys, This Friday & Saturday!

Create Digital Music is hosting a killer unofficial and free NAMM afterparty...

Performances from Trash_Audio Include
The Deep Element
Justin McGrath

Friday, January 18th
Handmade Music + Motion 8:00pm
Live sets start 9:30pm - late

Basswerks in Mid City LA
5411 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 939-2535
Free! (Cash bar)
RSVP to rsvp@createdigitalmusic.com

Thanks to:

Saturday January 19th
Droid Behavior + F.I. presents NAMM Afterhours
129 E. 3rd st. LA 90026
10pm - 6am :: $10 :: 18+/21+

Droid Behavior is joining forces with the Darkmatter Soundsystem and it will be massive. Richard Devine, The Flashbulb, Captain Ahab, Eustachian, D2 and Surachai (my grind/metal project) will destroy you. Come prepared for an aural assault. This party is so massive that the flyers gobble up all the space on your screen, check them out for the complete lineup! If this night doesn't melt your face off, then I will do it personally afterwards in an alley. Keep current: Here or Here Additional Information...

Friday, January 18th
ALSO from Create Digital Music, Workshops!
Handmade Music + Motion:

- Bring your own DIY music or motion creations and other hardware toys and geek out with an international crowd of hipster-nerdsters! All projects welcome (space first come, first served -- think small, bring portable speakers if you can)

- Put together free kits to make your own ribbon controllers without soldering

- Learn how Bryant Davis Place (future-tense-cpu) built his own DIY VJ sequencer for M8 using the Lemur multi-touch controller.

- Learn about the wonders of wireless MIDI sync in AV Performance with Acid&Bass&Momo producing a live remix of Karate Kid.


felix said...

So is this on Sunday night?

jm said...

It CLEARLY states Friday, the 18th :-)

Ok, so I forgot to put the date the first time around.

Peter said...

Can't wait.

Our geekster girls will totally hang around. Swarm, even. (Those who aren't already playing, etc.!)

Bizarro Lord Zool said...

Droid Behavior + F.I. presents NAMM Afterhours

is still on the 19 th though right

jm said...

Yep! Two separate events.

erroneusnickname said...

Hey so...are you going to, uh...well...post anything about NAMM? You know, for the rest of us?

surachai said...

read it on other blogs. why would we want to repeat what everyone else is doing. we'll have posts of our adventures soon.

erroneusnickname said...

because i don't wanna read what other people think is cool...cuz you're my hero.

surachai said...

Thanks to everyone that came out. Especially saturday where everyone got their face melted!