audio_Output: The Flashbulb - That Missing Week EP

Justin and I are planning to be more vocal about our releases along with any news from artists we keep in touch with. We have had past releases which are not entirely relevant now but we will update you with news of more current albums we are involved in.

To start this off, I'll talk a bit about a release coming out later today, three hours from now actually. I remixed a song for The Flashbulb's EP that has bits and pieces of his new album in it. It was the first song I made using Logic 8 and I'm glad it ended up being used somewhere. Not that I was in a particular hurry or had a deadline but I sort of got obsessed with playing with Logic and ended up finishing the song within 2 days. Gearwise, I ran a bunch of things through my modular system and even managed to use my Macbook microphone for some sounds. The only source files I used raw were the pads, other than that everything else got mangled through my system. Anyhow, if you have questions, ask. the deep element is my main creative outlet. It should be track 7 and I'm not sure where the 'portable dubstep' part came from ...
You can find it here: On the Downloads page. It will be released at 6pm tonight. I hope you enjoy it!

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