Moogerfooger Analog Delay MF-104Z

Initially trash_audio was going to be a source where Justin and I talk about how we use our gear and maybe give brief demos on how we apply it to our music. It has definitely morphed into something beyond ourselves and into another level. So, try to excuse me while I break the chain of Workspaces with a quick demo I did with the Moog moogerfooger Analog Delay MF-104Z. I really love delays of all kinds but preferably tape and analogs. I haven't been able to find any videos that showcase the delay's power and intensity, so I figured I'd show how I will be using it. The source of sound is coming from a Roland Juno 106 that has a busted voice chip. But I think it works out well.
I have a higher quality 24mb clip that you can download: here. I recorded straight into logic at 48k using my Mackie Onyx 1220 which should explain the lack of room tone.

And if you care about the backstory on how/ where I got it:
I'm in D.C. visiting family and friends for the weekend, usually I live/work in Chicago. While living here, I used to work at Atomic Music which is in Beltsville, MD and I always stop by whenever I am in town because they buy and sell so much used equipment you never know what you'll find. An analog ebay if you will. Most of the people that work there are huge guitar buffs and I was the sole keyboard/production geek with almost no clue about guitars. My paycheck more or less went back into the store. Anyways, I stopped by to see some friends and to get rid of a bass guitar and one of the owners sees me eyeing the display moogerfoogers. He knows I have a hunger for delays and he says "I know what you want, I'll be back." He runs upstairs, steals a box from the guy who sells things on ebay and hands me the moogerfooger! Some guy returned it thinking it was broken but they gathered it was something else in his signal chain that was causing the problems. That means I ended up with a near mint moogerfooger at almost half price. We work out a trade between the bass and some cash and next thing I know I made this video. It's an amazing store who's owners are right there on the floor and everyone there are some of the nicest people I've met. If you live in the D.C. Metro area, you probably know it by now, but if not check it out: Here.

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