Workspaces and Environments

Currently, Justin and I are working on a series about artists and their workspaces. This is not a standard 'what gear do you own', rather more of an in depth voyeuristic look into personality through configuration. I expect both elegance and mayhem as the music we all create falls into all categories. I think I speak for some of the artists when I say this is more of a lifestyle than anything else. Sacrificing living space for working space, then eventually confusing the two. We have to find a way to live, travel and work with equipment we have chosen. The gear will be diverse but the configuration and the layout, I expect, will be as dramatic as the music we create.

We plan to have a series, releasing three artists at a time. Though we will interview them and post their responses, the idea is to have the pictures do most of the talking.

I thank the following artists who have agreed to participate:

  • Aaron Spectre
  • Aids Wolf
  • Alessandro Cortini
  • Atom TM
  • Autopsy Protocol
  • Baseck
  • Captain Ahab
  • Chelis
  • CLP (Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o)
  • [co]sen_tasi
  • Daedelus
  • the deep element
  • Deru
  • Digitalism
  • Dino Felipe
  • Dreams Are Maps
  • edIT
  • Electrocute
  • Eliot Lipp
  • Eustachian
  • The Flashbulb
  • Genghis Tron
  • The Great Mundane
  • James Cigler/Felix Inferious
  • Jeswa
  • JonBro
  • Justin McGrath
  • Kawaiietly Please
  • Keith Hillebrandt
  • Kero
  • Les Enfants
  • The Locust
  • Lusine
  • Machinedrum
  • Marco Morales
  • Michael Fakesch
  • On Holiday
  • Otto Von Schirach
  • Pirate Robot Midget
  • Praveen
  • Pre
  • Protman
  • Radicalfasion
  • Richard Devine
  • Sgure
  • Tim Exile
  • Vytear
  • Zach Goheen

    This list is continually updated as we get confirmation from artists we ask and is in no form concrete. Now, if I can somehow arrange a group photo of all of us.....

    Andy said...

    Looking forward to this!

    tstewart said...

    yeah this is pretty much what my setup looks like