Surachai in Europe

I've never been to Spain or France. I have never released anything under this Surachai name. I cant say I even know too many people there either. What is going on?! Who cares! I'm off!
Update: Both of these shows were amazing and in Paris I was essentially paid in cheese, I'll expand on that a little later when I have some time, but everyone who housed/drove/fed me, thank you so much.
You can catch an interview I did with some friends while in Paris, France.

Track Listing
(00:00 - 5:10) Vytear - Digital
(5:10 - 13:00) Interview w/ Eustachian and Surachai
(13:00 - 19:30) Surachai Set
(19:30 - 24:05) More talking/End of Surachai Set
(25:05 - 46:02) Eustachian Set
(46:03 - 53:24) Sgure Set
(53:25 - 54:01) DuranX3 - Vytear remix

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